Tile and Grout Cleaning Lawrence, KS

Tile flooring quickly shows signs of wear if not properly sealed. Spills and soil soak in and tile loses its showroom beauty within months.   Ace Cleaning in Lawrence, Kansas can extract stains and dirt with our powerful cleaning equipment, then we seal grout lines and tile to protect them from future damage. This sealer can also be dyed to alter the color of grout.  We can clean, maintain and keep your ceramic tiles looking their best.  Stop staring at those rust stains! Stop closing off the bathroom when guests come over! There's no need to hide your unattractive tile floors and walls! We provide a refreshed, renovated appearance for a small fraction of the cost of replacement! We don't need to rip up your current tile and grout; we simply work with what you already have! All you really need to do is call Ace.

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